Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Alternative to Commenting - Disqus

Have you ever wanted to reply to someone's comment directly so that they get notified automatically? You've probably seen it on blogs that use Wordpress. This also works for Wordpress, but I dont really see the point of having it for that, because Wordpress already has a great commenting functionality.

While Blogger/Blogspot allows general commenting, it doesn't allow for direct responses to specific comments and therefore limits the communication between people (not just commenter and blog owner).

But there are a couple of alternatives that you can include in your blog really easily and seamlessly that allow your readers to comment and respond to each other! Cue Disqus.

Disqus is an external commenting service that can be included under each blog post as widget, so it's really easy to install and super seamless.

Here's how to install it, how to import comments from Blogger and how to remove it.

Please note, you will have to moderate your comments via the Disqus website!
Alternative to Commenting - Disqus

Step 1
Go to and click on 'Sign Up'.

Step 2
Complete the displayed form and click on continue.

Step 3
On the next site, set your preferences: you can enable commenters to attach media (pictures, videos, music), enable and disable like & dislike buttons, etc. You can, for example, set Disqus up, that every comment includes your twitter name so it goes directly to your twitter :)

Step 4
Click on 'Display login buttons with comment box' so that it expands. Tick all options.

Step 5
Click on continue

Step 6
Choose your install instructions depending on your platform (choose Blogger for example)

Step 7
On the next page, click on the 'Add site to' button.

Step 8
Select your blog and click on 'Add Widget'

Step 9
Move the widget directly under the 'Blog Post' widget and click on 'save'.

Voila, you have a great commenting tool on your blog!! Well done :)

Optional - Importing old comments from Blogger

Step 1
Access your Disqus account through logging in to

Select your blog from the left-hand panel

Step 3
Click on 'Tools' in the menu bar and then on 'Import/Export' on the left-hand panel

Step 4
Select your platfrom from which you want to import comments to Disqus (e.g. Blogger)

Step 5
Click on 'Import'

Step 6
On the next site, click on 'Grant Access'

Voila, this should be it! You should now be able to see your previous comments in the Disqus style.

Optional - Syncing Disqus Comments with Blogger
Once you've installed Disqus, you can activate the syncing option - this will automatically post the comments made on your blog through Disqus in your Blogger commenting system as well (don't worry they will only show up if you want to remove Disqus at a later time)

On Disqus go to Tools > Import/Export > Blogger > Keep New Comments Synced - click on Enable and follow the authorization process.

Removing Disqus

If you want to get rid off Disqus, you can just delete the widget.

Step 1
Go to and locate your blog

Step 2
Click on 'Design'

Step 3
Locate the 'Disqus' widget underneath the 'Blog Posts' widget and click on its 'Edit'

Step 4
In the new window, click on 'Remove' and to confirm click on 'OK'

Voila, you've gotten rid off Disqus.


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