Sunday, 1 May 2011

Buying a domain

There are two different options of buying a domain:

Option 1: Redirecting/Forwarding
1st you can buy one and have it redirect to your blog address. Imagine it as having a postbox and all your mail gets sent there, but then forwarded to your personal address. It's like that and the domain address hides your other address :-) It's considered a bit more professional.

With this option your blog remains with Wordpress or Blogspot/Blogger. It lives there and you just forward your visitors to its address via the domain address.

Option 2: Hosting
This 2nd option generally costs you a bit more and normally also involves a lot more manual work, which can be iffy (even I stay away from it because I just cant be bothered and I know my stuff!). With this you buy webspace and move your blog there away from Wordpress and Blogspot/Blogger. You basically buy your blog a new house and need to move it there.

I dont recommend this option. It's complicated and unless you actually run a business and/or understand all the proper tech-stuff. I don't mean this in a mean way, but it's just not necessary when you only want to write about beauty and stuff.

Buying a domain

I would generally recommend, if you are on Blogspot/Blogger, to buy your domain through Google. Blogspot is owned by Google, which makes the handling a lot easier. You can of course also buy your domain somewhere else. I can recommend and This tutorial is for buying a domain through Google though. If you don't want to buy through Google though, drop me an email and I help you still.

Step 1
Go to to access your dashboard.

Step 2
Click on 'Settings' where your blog is listed

Step 3
Click on 'Publishing' and click on 'Custom Domain'

Step 4
Put in your domain name (e.g. missdriftedsnowwhite) and select your choice domain (.com,, etc)

Step 5
Click on 'Check availablility' (if the domain is not available, Google will tell you and you can find a new one!)

Step 6
Once you've found a domain address that's available, Google will tell you it is and tells you the condition (it costs $10 a year!)

Step 7
Click on 'Continue to Registration'

Step 8
Complete the form on the next site
Please note: If you leave 'Automatically renew my registration every year' you will be charged $10 every year at the same time for the address. 

Step 9
Complete your payment details and click 'Place your order now'

Voila you are done! It will take a couple of days for Google to change the settings and everything, but your blog will then be available with your new domain address AND your old blogspot address. Test it: and bring you to the same address :)

Let me know if you need more help, you know I'm happy to help

Much love,
Miss drifted Techno Geek


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